For Players ages 5-14 Looking to Develop their Game, Build Friendships and Have Fun

*All ages as of 07/01/19. Except for those who are 5 or 14 years old (see details below)


When does Football Start?

July 22, 2019

What Days are Practice?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Practice is usually 4 times a week up until September when the children go back to school. Once kids go back to school Practice goes down to 3 times a week. At this time days, are still TBD… Once the information is received this page will be updated.

Are there any additional Costs?

No there are no additional costs with Football. However Football players will NEED cleats and a jock strap/cup in order to play. One Mouth guard will be provided by LPYF, additional mouth guards will need to be purchased. These items are MANDATORY to participate in practices and games.

We do hold fundraisers throughout the season that we encourage all children to participate in.


*Football Players must participate in four (4) days of practice with no pads (no contact) before they wear full pads and engage in contact. Additionally, players must participate in five (5) days of full pads/ contact before they can participate in a game.*


For more information, contact our Coach Coordinator


Ages 5, 6 &7*

90lb Mini Division

Striper- Unlimited

*(5 must turn 6 by 10/31/19)

Ages 8 & 9

110lb Freshman Division

Striper- Unlimited

Ages 10 & 11

135lb Junior Varsity Division

Striper- Unlimited

Ages 12, 13 & 14*

160lb Varsity Division

Striper- Unlimited

*(If turning 14 after 04/01/19)

All of our coaches are trained in the USA Football Heads Up Program

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