Upcoming Events

Registration for the Fall Season of Tackle Football and Cheer, is now OPEN!

$25 credit per family if your child/children played Flag Football this Spring.  Use the promo code: FLAG2018 on ONE child’s registration!


 Join us for Family Fun Night and the start of our practice season!

    • This Monday July 23rd : 4:00 – 8:00 pm at Veteran’s Park in Youngstown (near the fire hall)
    • Information stations to ask questions
    • Come meet the coaches and members of LPYF with a cookout
    • LAST Day to turn in registration paperwork & pay registration fees 
    • Information & Equipment will be handed out (once paperwork is received)
    • Cheer Uniform & Football Jersey fittings


Practices will typically be held on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs from 6:00 – 7:30/8:00 depending on the team and will all be held at Veteran’s Park in Youngstown, due to renovations at the Lew-Port track.  We plan on playing our games at Lew-Port, but practices will all be held at Veteran’s Park (near the fire hall). 

** Football players will need cleats and a jock strap/cup in order to play.  Mouthguards will be provided by LPYF, unless you want to purchase a more expensive one. **


** ALL registration items are due by Monday, July 23rd or your child will be unable to practice, until items are turned in.  **

1.  Registration fees : paid in full.  Equipment costs and insurance costs are a big expense for our league, so we need your prompt payment.  Please contact Melissa Kennedy at: lpyfmelissakennedy@gmail.com for payment options, if needed.

2.  A PAPER Copy of your child’s birth certificate (that we can keep) – players & cheerleaders from last year – we have yours!

3.  A copy (that we can keep) of a current physical that has not expired.  If it expires between now and November, we will need an updated copy for your child to continue to play.  It is recommended that you do not wait until the last minute to ask for a copy of your child’s physical, as most pediatrician offices will require multiple days to get you the physical.

4.  A signed copy of the Parent Code of Conduct   Parent Code of Conduct – click here

5.  A signed copy of the Player Code of Conduct  Athlete Code of Conduct – click here


We look forward to seeing you on Monday!