Cheerleading is a team sport designed for girls and boys in Kindergarten through 8th grade. No experience is necessary and no tryouts needed to make a team. All that is necessary is ENTHUSIASM and SPIRIT! Regular practices will be held to master cheers and chants, and to build on teamwork.


Cheerleading offers young athletes a chance to learn cheerleading skills involving motions, jumps, stunting, tumbling, and dance—possibly to pursue high school cheerleading. Squads are organized by AGE and skill level to ensure team compatibility, safety, and skill development.


The goal of Lew-Port Youth Cheer is to offer quality cheer instruction to youth athletes and work towards building a strong and dynamic youth program that will be long-lasting and provide a foundation for upcoming Lew-Port youth interested in cheerleading.


• To improve each cheerleader's confidence, individual skills, and awareness of their role on the team.

• To have each cheerleader respect all coaches and enjoy the overall cheer experience.

• To improve your squad as the season progresses and have them perform to their potential given the talent of the participants.

For children ages 5 - 14 (grades K/1*-8), looking to participate in games and in competitions, build friendships, and have fun!

Teams are determined by the age and what grade each participant will be starting in the fall of the current year.


When does cheer start?

Practice starts at the end of July


What days are practice?

Practice days and times are up to each team's coach. You can contact your child's coach or the Cheer Coordinators through the app or email. Practices are mandatory once the school year starts.


Are there any additional Costs?

Accessories may need to be purchased*

*Cheerleaders must have white cheer sneakers, socks, and boy-cut briefs for competitions and games. Warm-ups will be offered. They are highly recommneded but not mandatory. If your child does not have the correct items, they will need to be purchased before the start of the season.


All cheerleading coaches are background checked and certified through USA Football Tackle Certification.


Please note, depending on registration numbers, tryouts may be conducted.


For more information please reach out to our Cheer Coordinators, Kristine Hotchkiss or Maren Vigil via email at


Grade K / Ages 5

Grades 1 & 2 / Ages 5*/6 & 7

*5 turning 6 by October 31 of the current year

Grades 3 & 4 / Ages 8 & 9

Grades 5 & 6 / Ages 10 & 11

Grades 7 & 8 / Ages 12 & 13/14*

*13 turning 14 after April 1 of the current year