For Children Ages 5-14 Looking to Participate at Games and in Competition, Build Friendships and Have Fun


When does Cheer Start?

July 26, 2001


What Days are Practice?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Practice is usually 4 times a week up until the Peach Festival.

After that, practice will be held 2 or 3 times a week. At this time days are still TBD… once the information is received, this page will be updated.

Are there any additional Costs?

*Accessories will need to be purchased:* Cheer sneakers, Socks, Under Garments.
If you purchase one of every item the cost is typically around $50.
The Cheer Coordinator takes care of all the orders and sizing of your child, within the first couple weeks of practice.

We do hold fundraisers throughout the season that we encourage all children to participate in.

For more information contact our Cheer Coordinator

 Tyler Smith


Ages 5, 6 & 7

Ages 8 & 9

Ages 10 & 11

Ages 12 & 13