Covid-19 Information


If you are a player or member of a player's household and have been EXPOSED:

- Please refrain from attending LPYF Functions for 5 full days (day of exposure is considered day 0 by the CDC) regardless of vaccination status. We are asking this due to the fact that we have players and family members involved in our program who are under 5 or have medical backgrounds which do not give them the choice to be vaccinated at this time.

- If you do not have symptoms, are fully vaccinated or have a negative test result on Day 5, you are free to attend practices and games


If you are a player or member of a players household who has TESTED POSITIVE:

-As per the CDC, you are required to isolate for 5 full days. (the day of testing is considered day 0) Isolation ends after 5 days as long as symptoms have improved and no fever is present.

-Wear a mask for 5 days after the isolation period ends. Isolate for 10 days if a mask cannot be worn.


Please read and sign the appropriate affirmation form to bring with you when you return to LPYF functions.

Helpful links for more information: