2021 Registration is Closed.

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Welcome to all of our 2021 Participants!

PAYMENT IN FULL must be made by our Family Nights- July 14 and 15 2021, or your child will be unable to participate in practices or games. Football equipment will NOT be given out until you have paid in full.

*You can register your child without payment. If you choose to do so, please click on the 'pay offline' option to complete registration. Your child cannot be rostered to a team until registration is complete.* (You can pay with cash/check or online at a later date on or before Family Nights)


Football Registration Fee = $85.00
Football Jersey Fee = $40.00
Football Fundraising Fee =$50.00
Football Volunteer Fee = $50.00
TOTAL $225.00


Cheer Registration Fee = $85.00
Cheer Fundraising Fee = $50.00
Cheer Volunteer Fee = $50.00
TOTAL $185.00
**Additional costs for cheer sneakers, bow, socks, briefs, poncho and warm ups will be incurred within the first couple weeks of practice. Prices vary depending on what you may already own**



REGISTRATION FEE – Cost to play football or cheer

JERSEY FEE – Football players keep their jersey at the end of the season.

FUNDRAISING FEE – The $50 fee is an upfront charge per child. Make your money back by selling Raffle Tickets!

VOLUNTEER FEE – This $50 fee is an upfront charge per family, that can be credited back toward your banquet ticket costs, IF you donate at least 4 hours of your time to LPYF. This requires you to sign up to help during HOME games. Hours can be completed before or after your child’s game.

*REFUND POLICY- If your participant quits Before the start of the season (BEFORE the first day of practice), you will receive a full refund minus a NON-REFUNDABLE service fee. $5 for Cheer, $10 for Football.

If they quit within the first 2 weeks of Practice Starting, your refund will be HALF of the Registration and Volunteer Fees. (You will receive your raffle tickets and football players will receive their Jersey)

-Refund amounts will be adjusted accordingly for families who received the multi-child discount.

No Refunds will be given after the first 2 weeks of practice.

**If you have more than 1 child registering for Football or Cheer, you will receive a multi-child discount during checkout. ***In addition you ONLY get charged ONE $50.00 Volunteer Fee.***
1st child Registration Fee = $85.00
2nd & 3rd child Registration Fee = $45.00
4th child+ = Free Registration.

*Participants must be siblings and must be registered under the same parent to receive the multi-child discount.*

**Please click the Multi-Child Discount box on the payment screen to receive discount**



What We Need From You:

** ALL registration items are due by Family Night or your child will be unable to particiapte, until items are turned in. **
1. REGISTRATION FEES: Paid in full. Equipment and Insurance costs are a big expense for our organization, so we need your prompt payment.
2. A PAPER COPY of your child’s birth certificate that we can keep.
3. A PAPER COPY of your child's current, non-expired physical that we can keep. If it expires before the end of the season, we will need an updated copy for your child to continue to participate. It is recommended that you do not wait until the last minute to ask for a copy of your child’s physical, as most pediatrician offices will require multiple days to have that available.
4. READ AND SIGNED COPIES of the Athlete and Parent Code of Conducts*
5. A READ AND SIGNED of the LPYF Liability Waiver*

 (*These will be available for you at Family Night)

LPYF Reserves the right to accept or deny any registration

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