Tackle Football

The Lewiston-Porter Youth Football, tackle football program is comprised of 4 tackle football teams spanning 4 divisions of youth football:

Knights (Mini) (ages 6-7) | Rams (Freshmen) (ages 8-9) | Chargers (Junior Varsity) (ages 10-11) | Spartans (Varsity) (ages 12-13)

Ideally, each team is comprised of one head coach and 4 assistant coaches who are all required to submit to and pass a criminal background check before they are allowed access to our athletes.

All coaches must pass certification by USA Football’s tackle football certification process, which includes. 

Level One Tackle Football Certification includes:

  1. Foundations of Quality Coaching
  2. Transformational Coaching
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Concussion Management
  5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  6. Heat & Hydration
  7. Emergency Action Planning (EAP)
  8. Abuse Prevention

Level Two Tackle Football Certification includes:

  1. Effective Practice Planning
  2. Communication Strategies
  3. Tackling & Blocking: Skills & Drills
  4.  Health & Safety
  5. Abuse Prevention
  6. Principles of Safer Contact
  • Equipment Fitting
  • Levels of Contact
  • Shoulder Tackling
  • Blocking & Defeating blocks

The purpose of our program is to provide the skills necessary for

each athlete to safely participate in the game of tackle football at a

pace and level of understanding consistent with their age and provide

the tools to build upon those skills to prepare them for advanced High

School and Collegiate level competition. Even more so, our program

teaches teamwork, commitment, respect, self-confidence, and responsibility.


When does Tackle Football Start?

Week of July 24th


What Days are Practice?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Practice is typically 4 times a week up until September when the children go back to school. Once school starts, Practices will be 3 times a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Are There any Additional Costs?

There are no additional costs paid to LPYF. However Tackle Football players MUST have a colored mouth guard with strap, non-metal cleats and a jock strap/athletic cup provided for them in order to play. These items are MANDATORY to participate in practices and games.

*Football Players must follow a specific practice schedule before they can participate in games.*

For more information, contact our Coach Coordinator

2023 Tackle Football Coaches

Knights: Head Coach Phil Cairns, Assistant Coaches Jon Marotta, Tony Chester, & Jason Jablonski

Rams: Head Coach Joe Hotchkiss, Assistant Coaches Mike Stuart, Aaron Malstrom, John Burnett & Josh Spriggs

Chargers: Head Coach Mike Wall, Assistant Coaches Ray Barry, Gabe Casale, Pat Hollingsworth & Eric Reagan

Spartans: Head Coach Al Whitehead, Assistant Coaches Chris Moon & Mike Tarnowski

Sponsorships are very helpful and appreciated. If you are interested in

being a sponsor for LPYF, please contact us using the form below.

Registration Scholarship being offered by The Mason Forever Foundation

-Registration costs paid for 1 Football Player and 1 Cheerleader for the Current Season-

This will be a need based scholarship. If you would like to apply for yourself or someone you know, please send a letter of explanation to:                                               

Mason Forever Foundation 190 Oliver St. Suite 300 North Tonawanda 14120